A downloadable Sprite Extractor

The Sprite Extractor Tools allows you to extract sub sprites from a larger sprite sheet if you wish to do so. It comes in handy if you prefer working with a single sprite than a single massive sprite sheet. 

Its a fairly simple tool and really easy to use. It will save you loads of time cutting sprites manually using a paint tool. 

All you need to do is select your sprite sheet from within the Project Window then in the Inspector Window change the following settings:

 Sprite Mode = Multiple

White Space Settings:
To Allow White Space set Mesh Type to Full Rect.
To Remove White Space set Mesh Type to Tight.

After that you Slice your artwork Manually or Automatically using Unity's Sprite Editor (do not forget to apply your slicing changes). 

Lastly Open the Sprite Extractor from the Windows TabSelect your Sprite Sheet and Click the Extract Button

Its that simple. Its that easy. Happy Extracting ♥

The Sprite Extractor Beta contains experimental features that may change as development progresses 😎.

Install instructions

You need to open the Sprite Extractor Tool and Import it to your Unity Project to use it.


SpriteExtractor.unitypackage 689 kB
sprite-extractor-beta.unitypackage 1 MB

Development log


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I have some huge sprite sheets of Joey Claire from Hiveswap  (one of them is 10000x20000) that I need to extract for a Smash Bros Lawl video that stars her. Can this tool handle that?


Yo, I don't think it can bro. That is a massive sheet. Unless you cut the sprite sheet into segments like 1000x2000 and then into much smaller pieces, I doubt it will work. But you can always try that and see.

So dank. Thanks for this.

No problem bro. Hope it helps.